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In vitro testing

Welcome to XCellR8!

We are a contract laboratory devoted to non-animal testing for the safety and efficacy of consumer products.

XCellR8 provides a wide range of in vitro tests to cosmetics, personal care and household product companies and their ingredient suppliers. We help companies to develop safe and innovative new products, to comply with legislation, and to adopt animal-free testing strategies that are both scientifically advanced and ethically sound.

Our UK-based lab is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited, which means that we are able to provide companies with test results that can be used at an international regulatory level to demonstrate product safety.

We have become the “go-to” experts for in vitro testing and work alongside companies to provide data for both product safety and efficacy / claim support.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your requirements!

About XCellr8


Our UK-based lab is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accredited.

What's New?

28 Sep 17

What I wish I’d known: Revealing interview with Dr Carol Treasure

  ‘The University of Life has proved to be invaluable.’ This was the answer to a question about what you wished you’d studied when you were younger, when our Founder and Managing Director Dr Carol Treasure was interviewed recently for, the educational portal of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA). ‘GET OUT INTO […]

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20 Sep 17

XCellR8 and Cutest win significant Innovate UK grant to improve human safety predictions

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to a substantial grant by Innovate UK, we’ve just launched a collaborative project on overcoming the need to reference animal test data with our partners at Cutest, a dermatological testing organisation. The aim of the project is to take the first steps to establishing reliable correlations between in […]

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18 Sep 17

Case study: In vitro assessment of anti-oxidant potential

Keratinocytes derived from the epidermis of human skin and grown in animal-product-free culture conditions. ABSTRACT Anti-oxidant activity forms a vital part of the body’s natural defence system against reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are formed as a by-product of metabolism and can be harmful to cells. ROS levels in the skin are increased dramatically by […]

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