Our Story

XCELLR8 started in 2008 when we began our mission to provide completely cruelty-free testing solutions for the cosmetics industry.

Our founders, Dr Carol Barker-Treasure and Bushra Sim, both had many years’ experience in the field of alternatives to animal testing and in the use of human cell cultures to predict product safety and efficacy. Over time we’ve established methods in XCELLR8’s lab for key safety tests including skin and eye irritation, skin sensitisation, skin corrosion, genotoxicity and cytotoxicity. In addition we’ve set up a number of key tests to demonstrate product efficacy and claim support.

We’ve always been passionate about sharing our knowledge of alternative methods with others, and since 2008, more than 300 industry and academic scientists from the UK and overseas have attended our training events in cell culture technologies.

2013 was a great year for us as we gained our GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accreditation and also won the Lush Training Prize. Since then we have developed a key strategic partnership with Lush and this has enabled us to rapidly increase our repertoire of safety tests and our capacity for high throughput. We also work closely with Lush to promote the wider acceptance of non-animal test methods.

XCELLR8 is now based at Sci-Tech Daresbury in Cheshire, with a rapidly growing and enthusiastic team of scientists and support staff.

In addition to our key partnership with Lush, our clients range from SMEs to global leaders in the cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning industries, including ingredient suppliers.