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This special page is dedicated to anyone who would like to get involved with our mission to replace animal testing with ethically and scientifically advanced alternatives.

You may be one of our clients, collaborators, family and friends, or a member of the public – all are welcome to have your say and play your part. Here are just a few ways to get involved:


Join the conversation

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Get the T-shirt!

Our new T-shirts are coming soon! Our snazzy logo design has always been really popular on our T-shirts and is now being updated to be better than ever!

Get yours to help raise awareness about replacing animal tests, with the added bonus of all profits going to the RSPCA. £15.99 – contact us to pre-order.

Founders Carol and Bushra | XCellR8

Support animal welfare campaigns

If you’re interested in supporting animal welfare campaigns, for animals in laboratories and beyond, check out the amazing work of Humane Society International.

You can get involved by signing their “Be Cruelty Free” pledge.

Did you know that it is now illegal to test cosmetics and their ingredients on animals in the EU, following the full adoption of the Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 on 11 March 2013? Unfortunately, the industry now has to contend with another set of rules, called REACH, which DOES in some cases still require chemicals – including cosmetic ingredients – to be animal-tested. Humane Society International are currently campaigning for amendments to REACH that will save many animals but provide the same (or improved) level of regulatory scrutiny for chemicals by using a combination of alternative approaches. Find out more and sign a petition supporting this campaign.

humane-society-international           FRAME

Here at XCELLR8 we really appreciate all the help and support given to us by the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME) over the years. Not least, the training originally provided to our co-founder, Dr Carol Barker-Treasure, who gained her PhD in FRAME’s lab at the University of Nottingham back in 1999! Ever since then we’ve stayed in touch with FRAME and they’ve done a lot of incredible work to drive forward replacements for animal testing over several decades. We’re currently working together on a joint research project to find a human cell based alternative to animal tests for acute toxicity. Please check out FRAME and support their work in whatever way you can.