‘The University of Life has proved to be invaluable.’ This was the answer to a question about what you wished you’d studied when you were younger, when our Founder and Managing Director Dr Carol Treasure was interviewed recently for catie.org.uk, the educational portal of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA).


Designed to provide useful resources and career advice for school children considering a career in the cosmetics industry, Carol’s comment reinforced her view that whilst her degree in Physiology and Pharmacology, and PhD in Cell Biology have stood her in good stead, it’s hard to replicate the benefit of simply getting out into the commercial world and gaining practical experience. She said, ‘When I was a young scientist, I didn’t see how training in business could help me. These days, a lot of scientists are starting their own exciting business ventures, and having commercial skills and awareness from the outset would be a real asset.’

As a self-confessed lover of variety, Carol juggles grant applications and GLP inspections with sales and marketing, operations, finance and HR, most of which she’s learned on the job. It’s a long distance from the lab.


In the interview, Carol also discussed her childhood, early career and first experiences of witnessing animal testing which led her to develop the view that there had to be a better way, not just ethically, but scientifically too.

Never a fan of pure blue sky research, these early experiences led her to apply her scientific knowledge in a commercial context, ultimately using these skills to enhance lives and improve the safety of cosmetic and chemical products and formulations.


For anyone considering a career in the cosmetics industry, as well as science teachers, the CATIE website provides plenty of useful insights and tips. To read the full interview with Carol, click here.

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