In this eye-catching infographic, we summarise the results of our 2 year R&D programme into improving the accuracy of skin mildness testing. The infographic shares some of the background statistics about why a new generation of mildness tests is long overdue and how we approached the development of a new more predictive in vitro test. This included validating the results against human patch tests, rather than using out of date and unethical animal data.

We introduce the results of what happened when we assessed three already mild face masks using the new test, and how it accurately predicted the same mildness rankings as highly trained nurses in a clinical setting. Formulators will also be interested in the results of our comparison of several market leading facial cleansers and soaps, gaining insight into how the test provides credible data for efficacy claim support and how it can be used in new product development.

Download the infographic

The new XtraMild test is now launched and you can read more about its development, view the test information sheet and request a quote here.

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