Join us at 14:00 on Tuesday 21st January 2020 for this educational webinar in partnership with the Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS).

Xplainers: The lowdown on in vitro skin corrosion testing with XCellR8

Following our last visit to the Society, members asked for more information on in vitro skin corrosion testing and how it can be used as part of your overall safety testing programme. In the webinar, XCellR8 Co-Founder and CEO Dr Carol Treasure will explain:

  • How the in vitro skin corrosion test works (reconstructed human epidermis method OECD TG 431)
  • How you can use it to meet requirements for hazard identification and labelling for compliance with a range of legislation including REACH and the CLP Regulation
  • How to develop an animal-free testing strategy for your organisation
  • Changes in regulations around the transport of hazardous substances

XCellR8 clients can register free of charge to attend the webinar.


Quote registration code:  ivw-2020

If you’re already a CHCS member, please use the same link to register and access the event for free.

About CHCS

CHCS aims to provide information and training guidance to as many individuals as possible, regardless of whether they work in small or large companies, for associations or for government, involved with the ever increasing complexity of chemical hazards regulations and international codes.

The Society, which has the backing of the Health and Safety Executive, has annual membership of over 500 members and holds regular events and training courses.

In February 2001, CHCS launched its modular scheme for the training, principally, of compilers of Safety Data Sheets. The training has since been extended to include systems used outside the EU and issues concerning dangerous chemicals, other than needed for compilation of European Safety Data Sheets. From 2009 the scheme covers additionally the classification and labelling requirements of the (EC) CLP Regulation.

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