Dr Carol Treasure, XCellR8’s Founder and CEO has joined FRAME’s Board of Trustees. FRAME is an independent charity with the ultimate aim of the replacement of animals in medical experiments.

FRAME’s Board of Trustees provide strategic direction and governance, working alongside FRAME’s team and CEO Celean Camp. Carol joins Trustees Gary Thomson, Professor David Kendall, Mary Newman and the Chair of Trustees Dr Anna Cadogan.

Carol’s academic career involved the development of reconstructed human skin models for non-animal testing, after which she worked for Cascade Biologics, where she concentrated on providing human cell culture systems to scientists all over the world. She established and ran the European operation before co-founding XCellR8.

As its CEO, Carol is focused on finding replacements for animal tests and to provide these to the cosmetics, personal care, household product and chemical industries.

Carol is no stranger to FRAME – after completing her Physiology & Pharmacology degree at Sheffield, she undertook her PhD in the FRAME laboratory at the University of Nottingham.

A leading voice on the replacement of animal testing

Today, Carol is a leading voice on the replacement of animal testing: “I am passionate about the vision of creating a more ethical testing industry, without animal testing and animal components, and accelerating the shift to scientifically advanced methods,” she explains.

“Clearly, there is much common ground for my work and FRAME’s purpose and vision. Our aims and objectives are very much aligned as we both strive for the replacement of animal testing in medical and scientific research and the use of scientifically and ethically advanced approaches.

“XCellR8’s work focuses on the use of the latest technology and research in the movement towards a more ethical and sustainable testing industry,” she adds, “and I have worked in the field of replacing animal testing for 25 years.”

“My career, which is embedded in ethical science, may not have followed this direction if it hadn’t been for FRAME. I did my PhD at the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory and will always be grateful for the opportunity and everything I learnt.”

Carol adds: “FRAME has been the springboard for so many careers in science and research, and its education programme and the opportunities afforded to science graduates is exceptional. I am thrilled and honoured to join its Board of Trustees, and this is my chance to give something back to an amazing organisation, to share my experiences gained in the field of alternatives, and support FRAME as it enters its next fifty years.”


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