Dr. Carol Treasure talks to SelectScience about XCellR8’s mission – accelerating the world’s transition to 100% animal-free testing

In an exclusive interview with leading science publisher SelectScience, XCellR8 CEO and Co-founder Dr Carol Treasure discusses the pioneering animal-product-free tests XCellR8 provides. She focuses on everything from the intricacies of vegan products to skin sensitisation tests to her hopes for the future of animal-free testing.

Carol examines the current limitations of in vitro science and the lack of animal-free alternatives for some tests. She points out animal-free skin sensitisation tests achieve more human-relevant data when looking at what happens to cells and confesses the need for more investment in research and development in order to achieve change on a much larger scale.

Carol also talks about the new regulatory h-CLAT Skin Sensitisation test that XCellR8 developed and highlights the role Bio-Rad played in ensuring this remained both animal-free and vegan.

Looking to the future, Carol explains that animal-free testing is not solely applicable to the cosmetic industry, but chemical and medical industries too, and hopes other labs will follow XCellR8’s lead. She declares one day “it will seem archaic to think that we ever tested on animals.”

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