Despite the difficulties of this Covid-19 influenced year, the changes to our personal, working and social lives have often helped us discover new and better ways of being. Remembering the wild goats who reclaimed the deserted streets of Llandudno back in March, we thought we’d ask the XCellR8 team for their unexpected highlights of 2020.

‘It’s not too late to make changes to achieve a better place for all living things’

A highlight for me this year has been that global lockdown allowed nature to provide clear evidence of the negative effect humans have on our planet. Examples included measurably improved air quality and the canals in Venice running clear. Plus, we had time to reflect on who/what is truly important in life and wildlife and our pets gave us so much pleasure. I hope the message that it’s not too late to make changes to achieve a better place for all living things both now, and for future generations, is loud enough for governments and corporations to build in to the post-Covid world.

Oh, and I discovered gin.

Jan Ball, QA Manager

‘The speed of innovation has skyrocketed’

Aminta HandI have been encouraged that in the face of such adversity, the speed of innovation has skyrocketed. From cafes turning to takeaways to gin distilleries making hand sanitiser, businesses have reinvented themselves. Some for the short term, others for good. The cosmetic industry has digitalised itself, using new technologies to provide customers with unique buying experiences. I hope even after we see the back of Covid-19, the pace of innovation continues to grow!

Minty Hand, Marketing Assistant

‘Adapting quickly has brought great opportunities’

For me, this year has highlighted that by adapting quickly and being resilient it has really brought great opportunities to the business (and lots of hard work by the team of course!) It’s been exciting to see the tests we offer expand. For instance, our new assessment of the gingival barrier integrity using TEER and Lucifer yellow. These tests gave me some of the best client feedback I’ve had personally whilst being at XCellR8. The data was really very lovely though.

Fiona Jacobs, Senior Scientist

‘Consumers quickly redefined beauty’

Ana QuevedoSince major industry events, trade fairs and congresses got cancelled or postponed, I got the opportunity to be closer to my clients in a virtual way, getting to know them more personally via calls and video conferencing. I hope we will continue being able to stay closer thanks to this new way of communicating.

I was also inspired by the way consumers quickly redefined beauty, marked by the trend for products that help relaxation and which have which a minimal environmental impact. The cosmetic and personal care industry is taking a more sustainable and holistic approach, that integrates the wellbeing of the body and mind, to lower stress levels, maintain a healthy microbiome and take care of skin hydration.

Ana Quevedo, Technical Sales Manager

‘A sense of growth on the horizon’

Technology has allowed us to be engaged with our clients more than ever before. We’ve taken the opportunity to meet virtually with clients as far away as India, which wasn’t always how we worked before. This has allowed us to better understand the needs of the industry, as well as keeping the team working together collaboratively. I’m excited by the sense of growth on the horizon, which in the current climate we are so fortunate to have.

Zennie Major, Executive PA

Have you found any unexpected silver linings to 2020? Please let us know in the comments below.


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