In this blog we ask does it have to be an ‘all or nothing’ approach to animal-free testing?

Here at XCellR8 we dare to tread where sometimes regulators fear to go. Our work focuses on pursuing the science that will end the reliance on animal data once and for all. No live animal testing, no animal derived products, not even using historic animal data to validate non-animal tests. (It is widely proven and accepted that animal testing doesn’t always give us accurate predictions and results!). Our animal-product-free testing scale helps companies to understand the nature and extent of animal products used in their existing regimes and how they could switch up to scientifically advanced methods.

Personal Care and Cosmetics lead the way

Certain sectors, such as personal care, have made huge progress from in vivo to in vitro, but we can’t stop now. Attaining a truly animal-free test for human safety endpoints for cosmetics and their ingredients has not yet been fully achieved. And as for other markets, such as pharma and agrochemicals, the dependence on live animal testing persists.

Historical definitions of ‘animals’ in scientific procedures were based on the assumed sentience of commonly used animals, and whether their use was considered a scientific procedure. Animal products were excluded creating a lack of clarity, there was also no consideration as to how these products were obtained. A new definition for the use of animals in testing was needed. One which considers the sliding scale of animal products used in testing and whether they are legally considered as an animal in a scientific procedure or not.

A new scale for understanding in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro tests

XCellR8’s animal-product-free (APF) testing scale offers transparency to the market by specifying the nature of the animal products involved, helping organisations to identify the implications of the tests they are proposing and advising them on alternatives, perhaps better suited to their ethical goals. We only operate in the ‘green’ part of the spectrum, levels 5,6 and 7, where zero non-human animal products are used. While we cannot yet achieve 100% animal-free methods for all testing required by regulatory authorities we believe that helping our clients understand where they have options to make a better choice, edges us ever closer to our goal.

XCellR8 scale of animal-free testing

We develop new test methods using completely animal product-free conditions from the outset. We also adapt existing methods to animal product-free conditions, and seek regulatory approval for the adaptations, ensuring that the data generated can be used by our clients in regulatory submissions.

Find out more about how we can help you to transition to levels 5, 6 and 7 on our APF Scale and end the reliance on animal data email us: