Today we’re talking collabs*, we’re talking expertise exchange, we’re talking co-marketing because some things are just better together.. ‘The more the merrier’ might sound cheesy but when you think about it, two companies coming together, pooling their knowledge, skills and ideas is a recipe for sure success.

Co-marketing comes in lots of different shapes and sizes: a joint research project, a Facebook takeover, an Instagram Live, a blog, a webinar… The goal is always to create something that benefits both parties. Some of the benefits being:

  • Strengthen bonds with clients
  • Thought leadership
  • Credibility and kudos
  • Highlight awareness on a specific topic
  • Share exciting developments
  • Reach different audiences
  • Supply chain visibility

Our latest (lush-iest) mission

XCellR8 and LUSH go way back – we’ve been providing them with animal-product-free testing services for 8 years. So, when the Lush Buying Team asked us whether we would do a week-long socials takeover we couldn’t wait to share the innovative work we do together. LUSH have been fighting animal testing for over 3 decades with the goal of continuing to inform, encourage and participate the fight for animal rights. After a creative collab meeting the aim was clear: To bring the world of animal-free-testing direct to the consumer. We created a week’s worth of Facebook and Insta content covering ALL the basics on animal-free testing:

Not only did this takeover boost engagement across socials and increase traffic to our website, it also enabled us to reach a wider audience and provide fun, educational resources about animal-free testing and the incredible science that our in vitro testing is founded upon.

It was amazing to hear that XCellR8 were willing to do a takeover on our Lush Buying social media channels. As a Buyer, non animal testing is at the heart of what I do every day. Lush work hard to go above and beyond the ‘standard’ cruelty free policies, but this is only possible with partners like XCellR8’s support. They are hugely knowledgeable, open, and innovative, and it was fantastic to understand in detail how they manage to conduct animal free testing. Our hope is that one day, all businesses transition to animal free testing. – Abi Whisken, Creative Buyer, LUSH


We are very thankful to XCellR8 for agreeing to collaborate with us on our buying Instagram and Facebook. Our non-animal testing policy has always been central to our buying activities so it was such an amazing opportunity to be able to offer our followers an insight into “animal free testing”. We as a team learnt so much and it was a valuable activity to be able to educate our followers on such an important topic. – Alice Waters, NAT Coordinator, LUSH

Over to you…

If your brand is working to make vegan claims or you want to demonstrate the science behind your commitment to 100% animal-free testing we can help your brand engage with customers using our expertise. We have presentations that explain what we do, we can join webinars to talk about our work and answer questions and we can create social media content pitched right at the core of what matters to your clients.

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