It’s time for last week’s news round-up. Let’s see what caught our eye last week…

Off the Leash with Dr Carol Treasure

Our very own Dr Carol Treasure featured on the latest episode of Off The Leash to talk about XCellR8’s positive solutions to outdated animal tests. Carol and inspirational campaigner Charlie Moores cover so many topics around the ethical, scientific and commercial considerations of animal testing and – most importantly – shining a light on the positive solutions through animal free approaches, and how everyone can play a part. Listen now.


Despite disappointing rise in animal testing in Britain, figures show glimmers of hope

Figures released this week show that 3.06 million animal tests were conducted in Great Britain’s laboratories in 2021 – a disappointing 6% increase compared to 2020. This is not surprising as the number of tests in 2020 was artificially low because of the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Read the full blog here.


Plant-based, Sustainable to Grow Hair Care to US $152 B by 2028

Natural, vegan and plant-based hair care formulas are expected to have skyrocketed in popularity through 2021, as consumers seek niche, eco-friendly claims that matter most to them. Read more here.


European Regulatory Update: UK and EU Ingredient Management

The process of the UK leaving the EU required EU legislation to be retained in UK law, as was the case for many sectoral legislations. For cosmetics, this was achieved via the Product Safety and Metrology Statutory Instrument, which included cosmetics as the Schedule 34—commonly referred to as the UK Cosmetics Regulation. Therefore, companies familiar with the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation (1223/2009) will have a solid understanding of the UK cosmetics legislation. Read the full article here.


Animal Aid release film on animal experiments

Animal Aid’s film explains what happens to animals in laboratories and highlights the non-animal methods which are available – all of which are far more reliable than using animals. The short film is not gruesome or gory and has lots of useful facts and figures; we hope that it will inspire as well as educate. Watch now.