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COVID-19 and climate crisis bolstering vegan beauty demand: Review

The global COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing climate crisis has bolstered demand for vegan topical and ingestible cosmetics as consumers look to improve consumption patterns beyond food, finds a review. Read now.


BASF Opens Baby Care Competence Center in Turkey

BASF has opened its first baby care competence centre in Turkey in June 2022, with the aim to meet the changing needs of the rapidly growing baby care market in the region and beyond. Read the full article here.


Disappointment as British Horseracing Authority fails to ban the whip 

On 11th July, the British Horseracing Authority’s (BHA) whip consultation steering group published its Whip Consultation Report. The 95-page report promises little to improve horse welfare and is a lost opportunity to effectively protect racehorses. Read more on how you can help here.


US Salon & Hair Care Retail is Thriving in 2022 with Shampoos, Treatments and Hairstylers

Styling products remain the highest-grossing category with a 28.2% share, while shampoos have seen a significant rise resulting in 27.8% of total sales. Not to be overlooked is the fact that conditioner and treatment sales are also up. Read now.


137 organizations around the world call for a ban on hunting trophy imports

In a joint position paper, 137 conservation and animal protection organizations from all around the world, including 45 non-governmental organizations from African countries, speak out against trophy hunting and urge policymakers to ban imports. Read the full article here.


3 weeks left to submit entries for FRAME Innovation Grants

Just three weeks left to apply for FRAME’s Innovation Grant scheme. The scheme is designed to provide grants between £5k and £15k to pilot projects focused on the replacement of animals in biomedical research. Find out more about how to apply here.

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