Summer is well underway and as we look up at beautiful blue skies with the sun shining down on us, we’re reminded just how important sun care is to our daily skin care routines. After taking a short-term hit during covid, sunscreen and skin protection sales are heating back up. Here’s the latest trends, we think are important…

1. Sun care: not just for holidays!

In Q1 2022, per NPD data, sun cream sales increased by nearly 60% – why? One word: TikTok. Tiktok has seen SPF become just as important to our daily skincare routine as moisturiser and face wash. Sun care products are gaining more and more popularity among consumers, with younger audiences joining in, as awareness grows over the effects of UV rays on the human skin. This mixed with concerns about the signs of skin aging due to sun exposure mean sun care is hot hot hot right now.


2. Vegan, sustainable, eco

Manufacturers are focused on meeting consumer demand by making sun care products vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly. As more consumers look towards buying products that contain zero animal-derived products as well as an animal-free testing process, these trends will only take up a larger space within the sun care sector. This makes the need for 100% animal-free testing even more essential when creating a vegan product. We believe that to be able to claim a product is truly vegan then all testing performed on its ingredients and the finished product must be vegan too, without the use of non-human animal-derived serum, tissues or antibodies. Only then can you say that the product is 100% animal-product-free AND 100% cruelty-free.


3. Mild sun creams please…

We’ve all been there, old and young alike, when a bit of sun cream gets in your eyes and then you spend the next hour with watery, stingy eyes – no thanks! That’s why it’s so important that in vitro tests for mildness are available, like XtraMild™.

XtraMild™ can ensure ingredients and products:

  • Avoid irritation to the skin and eyes
  • Maintain pH balance to the skin
  • Ensure microbiome integrity


So, in this increasingly competitive sector that shows no signs of slowing down, suppliers and brands must up their game to make sure their products are the HOTTEST in the business.

If you are looking to test your sun care products, talk to us about the tests available today.