We’ve all been there, the blind panic when a bit of shampoo or sun cream gets in your eye (excuse the pun), grabbing some water straight away to rinse our whatever accidentally got in before the burning starts. We know that so many of the products we use every day can irritate our eyes. That’s why it’s so important to not only test for skin irritation potential, but eye irritation potential at the same time! Our XtraMild skin AND eye mildness testing allows you to do just that, but what are the benefits?

  • More complete picture of mildness
  • Increased sensitivity of eyes reveals even the subtlest of differences
  • Identify the best candidates in formulation development
  • Benchmark your products against market leaders
  • Mildness claims substantiation for ingredients and finished products
  • 100% animal-free testing – supporting vegan claims

Dr Carol Treasure, XCellR8 CEO and founder explains:

“Both skin and eye mildness tests provide powerful pre-clinical data for ingredients and formulations, de-risking clinical studies on adults or infants. We’re very proud of all the research that has gone into these animal-free tests at XCellR8!”

For more info on XtraMild, read this blog.

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Watch our latest webinar where Dr Carol Treasure and Chris Longmore talk all things XtraMild.

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