The Body Shop Canada Continues Expansion of New Concept Stores

The Body Shop is creating a local destination for changemakers with new workshop stores that call back to the retailer’s activist roots. At four new locations across Canada, customers can moisturize their hands, learn about sustainability and take action—whether by signing a petition or engaging with the store’s local community efforts—all at the same time. Read now.


Climate Change Drives Sustainability in Household & Personal Care

Consumer fears over climate change have escalated around the globe over the last year. According to new research from the 2022 Mintel Consulting Sustainability Barometer, the number of global consumers citing climate change as a top three environmental concern has risen from an average of 39% to 46% between 2021-22. Find out more here.


Homes needed for 4,000 beagles rescued from breeder in US

Nearly 4,000 beagles are looking for new homes after what is thought to be one of the biggest ever dog rescue efforts in the US. “Four thousand is a big number,” said Humane Society head Kitty Block. “And it’s going to take 60 days to get all of these animals out and working with our shelter and rescue partners across the country, working with them to get these dogs eventually into ever-loving homes.” Read the full article here.


More than a quarter of British adults are actively reducing their meat consumption

A survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that 28% of respondents are actively reducing the amount of meat they buy. Read more here.


Self Care Trumps Home Care Post-Covid

Last year, McKinsey noted that $1.5 trillion global market for fitness, nutrition and related products is growing as much as 10% a year. Meanwhile, beauty-from-within formats are surging, too, according to Kline. Read the full article here.


Higher Income Consumers Increase Spending on Beauty Products by 14% in 2022: NPD Group

Those with annual household incomes of over $100K spent nearly $9 billion in first half of the year. While 74% of women use facial skincare products and 67% use makeup, those in higher income households significantly over-index in each category, with usage over 80%. Read here.


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