There’s nothing better than seeing animals in the wild. In a similar way, seeing the positive effects of the work we do also fills the XCellR8 team with joy. In today’s blog we want to share some of the work we’ve done that’s out there for the world to see…


Most people know Lush and XCellR8 go way back but here’s a quick recap anyway… We first met global retailer Lush when we were awarded the Lush Prize for Training back in 2013. The award recognised the hundreds of scientists we’d trained in animal-free testing techniques. Shortly afterwards, we began modifying and developing cell culture tests for Lush products and raw materials. Now, after thousands of safety tests have been completed and with new products in the test programme, dozens of cosmetic products have proven safety data without any animals having been harmed.

Lush have just come out with a reworked and updated version of Mark Constantine’s original Herbal Hair Colouring book, first published in 1978. This new book, now titled ‘True colours’, written by both Milly Ahlquist and Mark looks at what hair dye is, and the power it holds over us. It also covers some of the work XCellR8 have been doing in testing some of Lush’s temporary hair dyes using our animal-free 3D genotoxicity technique. To read an excerpt of ‘True colours’ click here or to find out more about Lush’s life-long campaign against the use of animals in testing click here.

The Harborist’s Hyper-Gentle Balm-Gel Cleanser

The Harborist came to us wanting to test the mildness of their new Hyper-Gentle Balm-Gel cleanser so of course our solution was our one-of-a-kind XtraMild mildness test. We verified the mildness of this product by using this extra sensitive skin test and it received the best possible score – go team Harborist! You can check out this product here and the Harborist’s mission to improve the experience of people with sensitive skin here.


As part of the development process Holiferm sought to prove the mildness of their candidate products. With such great sustainability credentials like renewable, naturally derived, biodegradable and vegan it was extremely important to Holiferm that any testing they undertake is also 100% animal-product-free. Holiferm recognised that understanding just how mild their product was versus other well-established mild surfactants could give their products a further point of difference and credibility in a crowded marketplace. Using XCellR8’s unique test method, XtraMild, HoliSurf HF and LF were confirmed as ‘non-irritants’ following head-to-head testing against comparable surfactants.

Read our case study with Holiferm here.


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