At XCellR8, we’ve been on a mildness mission over the past few years, helping the industry understand the hows and whys of mildness testing. If you are new to the subject, or just need a refresher, we have pulled together the best of our mildness resources.


Mildness to skin infographic

If you are looking for a great visual overview of all things related to mildness testing, then this infographic is for you. Based on the results of our 2 year R&D programme into improving the accuracy of skin mildness testing, this infographic shares some of the background statistics about why a new generation of mildness tests is long overdue and how we approached the development of a new, more predictive in vitro test.



Mildness Webinar

XCellR8 CEO and Founder Dr Carol Treasure is joined by scientific account manager Chris Longmore, in the webinar “Understanding mildness like never before!” Also available as a PDF presentation here.



Mildness Report

In our groundbreaking research, we set out to validate a new, more sensitive model for predicting mildness by correlating results from in vitro methods with human skin patch test results. Download your copy of the report to understand the limitations of existing benchmarks, how the new models were optimised, and real-life applications of the research.



Mildness Blogs

Discover a world of inspiration, knowledge, and tests with our diverse collection of blogs on Mildness testing. Here at  XCellR8, we share insights, experiences, and expertise across a wide range of Mildness testing.



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