Why is mildness so important?

The high incidence of stress in our lifestyles puts our inflammatory reactions on alert and makes skin more likely to react. When you add in other contributory factors such as air pollution, poor diet and extreme weather, it explains why the wellness trend has grasped the public imagination so much. The beauty industry is responding with products aimed at soothing and calming the skin.

However, existing tests for mildness were developed for harsh chemicals and weren’t sensitive enough for new surfactants and cosmetic ingredients, leaving scientists without a proven method for distinguishing between ultra-mild test items. According to Lancome, 91% of consumers in developed countries report that their skin experiences uncomfortable symptoms like tightness, dryness, itching, burning or redness. It’s why formulators are racing to create ever milder products. Further research published in JAMA Dermatol suggests that as many as 37% of consumers avoid daily life skincare products due to skin reactions.

Consumers are seeking out products that will help protect the skin barrier’s function. That’s why it’s increasingly important to use the latest innovative testing techniques to assess the irritation potential of these ever-milder ingredients and formulations currently being created.

XtraMild testing – read all about it!

Our XtraMild skin AND eye mildness testing allows you to test for both kinds, but what are the benefits?

  • More complete picture of mildness
  • Increased sensitivity of eyes reveals even the subtlest of differences
  • Identify the best candidates in formulation development
  • Benchmark your products against market leaders
  • Mildness claims substantiation for ingredients and finished products
  • 100% animal-free testing – supporting vegan claims

For the mildest components and products in development and on the market, using the XtraMild test enables you to collect results up to 24- and 48-hour endpoints. This helps to tease out the differences in very mild systems. In turn these results help formulators benchmark their creations and allow marketers to make credible, science-backed claims of mildness.

Dr Carol Treasure, XCellR8 CEO and founder explains:

“Both skin and eye mildness tests provide powerful pre-clinical data for ingredients and formulations, de-risking clinical studies on adults or infants. We’re very proud of all the research that has gone into these animal-free tests at XCellR8!”

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