Well what a year 2023 has been! This year has brought new challenges, some lessons to be learnt and many amazing opportunities to explore as we continue to accelerate the world to 100% animal-free testing. Here is a round-up of some of our highlights as we look towards 2024…

The Lush Parliamentary reception

“It was amazing to meet one of my heroes, Chris Packham, tonight at the Lush Parliamentary reception on a roadmap to ending animal testing. We had a great chat about activism and how “extreme” do we need to be. I commented that I seem to be getting more extreme with age and he wisely shared that the time to act is now – especially on climate but also all related issues around the planet, wildlife, animals etc and how the differences I can make in my own area have a ripple effect. His parting words were “Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier and make time to be more extreme.” Wise words indeed, and applicable to anything we care a lot about”” – Dr Carol Treasure

Beagle Freedom Project UK – The Launch Event

Dr Carol Treasure and Hannah Goldsby attended a very special event: the launch event of Beagle Freedom Project UK. From activists to scientists, MPs to influencers, everyone was in attendance. Beagle Freedom Project is the world’s leading organisation for rescuing and rehoming animals used in experimental research. BFP have liberated thousands of animals while working to end their abuse through education, advocacy, and legislation. Now they have set up operations in the UK and will soon be moving into Europe. The BFP UK mission: Educate, Legislate, Liberate. Find out more here.

Animal Aid’s “Future of Science” conference

Dr Carol Treasure attended Animal Aid’s “Future of Science” conference for 16-18 year old science students to learn all about the new science that’s rapidly making animal testing obsolete. She said: “I loved the opportunity to share my experiences and hopefully passed on some of the passion to the next generation who I have no doubt will succeed in fully consigning animal testing to history. I’m proud to have been a part of this event and absolutely loved catching up with so many work friends in one place – encouraging each other to keep up the momentum!”

Heidi’s work experience

We recently welcomed Heidi into XCellR8 for a week-long work experience. Here is what she had to say following her time in the animal-free testing world… Read the blog here.

When Carol met Keir

Dr Carol Treasure joined Will Young on an adventure to the Houses of Parliament, where they met Keir Starmer to talk about the current topics around animal testing. Read now.

The EcoWell podcast

Dr Carol Treasure was a guest on the EcoWell podcast discussing the following questions: What is the current state of animal testing in cosmetics? Why has it happened, does it still happen – if so, where and why? And where are we at with alternatives? Listen now.

The XCellR8 Christmas do

The XCellR8 Christmas do featured cocktails, vegan pizza and more cocktails! Merry Christmas from us all here at XCellR8. What a lovely way to end a great year.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful clients and value your support immeasurably. We are passionate about our work and thank you for choosing XCellR8. We wish you all a bright start to 2024.