At XCellR8, we believe that to be able to claim a product is truly vegan then all testing performed on its ingredients and the finished product must be vegan too, without the use of non-human animal-derived serum, tissues or antibodies. Only then can you say that the product is 100% animal-product-free AND 100% cruelty-free.

Understanding the animal-free status of in vitro tests is important for cosmetic products and ingredients, especially those aimed at the rapidly increasing number of vegan consumers globally. Our 7-point scale for animal-free testing can be used as a tool to aid transparency across industry and to help with decision making about which tests are acceptable. Increasingly well informed consumers who demand vegan and sustainable supply chains are driving change in the cosmetics industry, as well as organisations who are taking their obligations as good corporate citizens seriously.

The scale clearly shows a progression from the use of animals or components that cause animal sacrifice or suffering, through to waste products (eg from the meat industry) and human-based alternatives, finally progressing to fully APF, defined in vitro systems.

Every test that we offer comes with a complete, transparent ethical assessment. We undertake full due diligence with our suppliers to understand whether any test components have been exposed to animal derivatives during manufacturing. In this way we are constantly driving positive change in the supply chain, and ensuring we continue to push back the boundaries of what’s possible.

We believe animal-free should mean animal-product-free too. It’s the best way to maximise human safety without making compromises on animal welfare.

To discuss your animal-product-free testing strategy with us, please get in touch.