A recent article in Happi focused on the FDA’s call for animal testing of existing UV filters which will raise the ire of consumers and costs for manufacturers and suppliers:

“While the FDA is agreeable to the industry’s proposed clinical (human) testing approach to support ingredient safety, it remains adamant about its nonclinical study requirements, which involve animal testing. Currently, the FDA is unwilling to embrace more modern and alternative toxicological safety and risk assessment methods that minimize or eliminate the need for animal testing.”

But consumers want 100% animal-free!

More and more consumers look towards buying products that contain zero animal-derived products as well as an animal-free testing process, these trends will only take up a larger space within the sun care sector. This makes the need for 100% animal-free testing even more essential when creating a product. We believe that to be able to claim a product is truly vegan then all testing performed on its ingredients and the finished product must be vegan too, without the use of non-human animal-derived serum, tissues or antibodies. Only then can you say that the product is 100% animal-product-free AND 100% cruelty-free.

What can XCellR8 do to help?

When it comes to phototoxicity testing, we’ve got you covered – and it’s 100% animal-product-free! Phototoxicity, or photo-irritation, is an acute toxic response following exposure of skin to certain chemicals and then to light. This non-regulatory test detects the phototoxic potential of a chemical, by using a human reconstructed epidermis and exposing it to UVA radiation.

Whether you’re going abroad or having a staycation, sun cream is a must to protect your skin. But many people, kids and adults alike, don’t like wearing sun cream because they find it irritates their skin and stings their eyes. That is why our XtraMild mildness to skin and eye testing is so essential when it comes to new sun cream product development. Your result from XtraMild could let you claim:

  • Non-irritating
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • Animal-product-free
  • Vegan

Do you need to test any sun care products? Get in touch today.