Our values

At XCellR8, our vision is to see scientifically advanced, animal-free testing adopted wholesale throughout the cosmetic and chemical industries. Our values, also known as the 4Xs, underpin our approach and govern how we look after our clients, partners and each other.


Unsurpassed client experience, inspired by pioneering animal free science.

We are the first laboratory in the world to achieve OECD regulatory approval for an animal product-free adaptation of an in vitro test.


Consistent respect, integrity and clarity.

Not only are our tests animal-free but we have eradicated animal products such as bovine serum from every stage of our process. This is about following the spirit and not just the letter of regulations.


We have a responsive approach, always at the forefront of the latest science and in touch with people’s needs.

Clients are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly we can turn test results around, and how we’ll think creatively to find solutions to problems. We invest in staff development, so that our collective knowledge is always at the cutting edge of our industry.


We concentrate on delivering exceptional quality in all that we do.

Our commitment to excellence can be felt throughout our whole testing procedure, ensuring tests are well planned, well researched and consistent. We’ll never allow the use of data from a test where standards were not met.

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