Thousands of animals still die every year as a result of testing cosmetics, personal care and chemical products, we work to make that stop.

We are fundraising for our ongoing research to develop and commericalise reliable, accredited non-animal tests with the goal of speeding up the world’s transition to 100% animal-free testing.

Every test that we offer comes with a complete, transparent ethical assessment. We undertake full due diligence with our suppliers to understand whether any test components have been exposed to animal derivatives during manufacturing. In this way we are constantly driving positive change in the supply chain, and ensuring we continue to push back the boundaries of what’s possible. But to do that we need additional funding for our research and development.

We are often asked whether it’s even possible to remove all the animal components used in in vitro tests. In many cases, yes it is. As an industry, we have some long standing habits to shake off but replacing animal products is possible in these cases:

• Antibodies can be created using recombinant gene technology instead of using animals
• FBS can be replaced with ethically derived human serum or, better still, the use of chemically defined media
• Rat liver extracts can be substituted with ethically sourced human liver extracts

We believe animal-free should mean animal-product-free too. It’s the best way to maximise human safety without making compromises on animal welfare.