GLP Certification

XCellR8 is proud to be Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified which means our processes are regularly inspected and judged to meet the standards set by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


To be GLP certified means that a lab like XCellR8 uses an assured system of management controls to make sure that our studies are uniform, consistent, reliable, reproducible and of high quality. The system ensures that when a test is performed to assess the safety or efficacy of a product or ingredient, the results can be confidently relied upon.

The principles of GLP certification apply to non-clinical studies for products in development for humans, animals and the environment, from physio-chemical properties to acute toxicity assessments. As well as pharmaceuticals, its standards are used by organisations developing chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, medical devices, food additives, colour additives, animal food additives and biological products. An easy way to think of it, is any product which might be applied to the skin, eyes, hair or ingested.

As a GLP certified lab, we make sure that our internal processes are:

  • Planned
  • Performed
  • Monitored
  • Reported
  • Archived

Our GLP certification means that we provide clarity around the responsibilities of key people involved in the study e.g. the Study Director, maintain our facilities and equipment to the highest standards, use robust test systems, have documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), ensure our Quality Assurance team review study plans and final reports, monitor study procedures, facilities, systems and processes, and archive data in accordance with GLP regulatory requirements.

You can view our GLP certificate here.

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