Cosmetic claim support

Our animal-free tests are used by leading cosmetic companies and ingredient suppliers to demonstrate efficacy and provide valuable claim support data.

Unlike our safety testing work, efficacy studies tend to be customised, since each project has bespoke requirements depending on the type of product and the desired claims – so we recommend contacting us at an early stage of product development, to discuss how we can support your project. In many cases, the tests can provide key pieces of information prior to finalising a formulation for testing on human volunteer panels, as well as producing innovative claim support data that will appeal to both formulators and consumers.

Some of our most commonly used efficacy tests for cosmetic ingredients and formulations include:


We’ve produced a simple-­to-­read guide, explaining how in vitro efficacy tests work. Download your copy here.

Read our guide to in vitro efficacy testing


Currently, in vitro tests do not usually act as “stand ­alone” evidence for cosmetic claim substantiation. In the absence of a definitive regulatory framework for the application of in vitro data in the field of claim support, each ingredient or formulation must be carefully considered on a case-­by­-case basis. The results must always be applied in compliance with local regulations and advertising standards in the relevant territories of the world where you intend to sell the product. There is no doubt that these sensitive tests provide valuable, mechanistic information that is often more detailed and conclusive than human trials alone, but, like all test methods, they must be applied in an appropriate context.

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