Our work

XCellR8 is a UK-based, GLP accredited laboratory, exclusively devoted to non-animal product testing methods for the cosmetics, personal care and household product industries.

We are passionately committed to the full replacement of animal-based product testing. We use human cell culture based methods and we do not use any animal-derived components in our laboratory. Where needed, we rework existing published methods to eradicate any animal components and replace them with fully human or synthetic alternatives. We validate the revised methods in-house and work to ensure that our modifications are compliant with regulatory requirements.

We also carry out research to develop new non-animal safety tests. We currently have a grant from Innovate UK (Technology Strategy Board) to develop a human cell based replacement for the LD50 acute toxicity test, in partnership with Lush and FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments).

XCellR8 never has, and never will, perform any animal product testing. We are a privately owned company and not associated with any organisations that test on animals.

XCellR8 actively participates in the global drive for the replacement of animal testing through its research, training programmes and campaigns.

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