Case study: Yordas Group

Yordas Group is a leading provider of scientific, environmental, human health, global regulatory and sustainability consulting services. They support international clients to actively manage their social, economic and environmental regulatory obligations stemming from their operations. This typically involves research in specialised fields such as nanomaterials, risk assessment, speciality chemicals including biocides and pesticides, and systematic review methodologies for hazard assessment.

Yordas has commissioned XCellR8’s services since February 2017 after we satisfied their comprehensive criteria for a contract research organisation. Since then, we have conducted numerous in vitro skin irritation, skin corrosion and skin sensitisation studies, particularly as the May 2018 REACH deadline loomed.

As a GLP-compliant laboratory, our toxicological study reports meet the necessary legal and regulatory requirements for the purposes of REACH Lead Registrations and other global notifications, whilst eliminating animal derived tissues for clients who do not wish to resort to testing involving animals.

We were also able to deliver short turnaround times, which is of particular importance for skin corrosion testing. This endpoint is generally required before performing other tests as part of an Integrated Testing Strategy, so any delays can understandably cause the entire registration process to be drawn out.

Dr Alex Paul, Principle: Chemical Regulatory Services, comments “XCellR8 have consistently provided high-quality results and reports within the timescales agreed, the staff are helpful and responsive, and communication excellent even when the entire chemical industry was under pressure in the run up to the May 2018 REACH deadline. XCellR8 even managed to schedule and deliver results when unexpected short notice requests arose, and XCellR8’s choice to use animal-product-free testing strategies is also highly appreciated by ourselves and our clients.”

“Rapid turnaround of high quality reports, helpful and responsive staff and excellent communication.”