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Requesting a quote from XCellR8

Thank you for considering XCellR8 for your testing requirements. To give you an accurate quote, here is some of the information it would be great for us to understand. If you’re not sure, please give us a call on +44 (0)1925 607 134 and we’ll guide you through the process.


  • Which of our tests are you interested in?
    If you don’t know, then let us know whether you’re looking for a yes/no classification or to benchmark the relative safety of your item for product development or marketing purposes. We can also offer safety consultancy if you’re right at the beginning of your project and need a full safety assessment.


  • Which regulations do you need to meet to get your product to market?
    We offer tests that meet the requirements of EU REACH, CLP regulation, EU Cosmetics Directive and more.


  • Is the test item soluble in water?
    The more information you can give us about the test item, the better. Do you have more than one item? Is it liquid or solid? Do you know if it is soluble in water? (If not, we might need to adapt a test method for you.) Please note we usually require a sample of 10ml/mg.


  • Do you need your study to be performed to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards or not?
    This can have an impact on the price and how quickly we can turn your results around, which typically takes somewhere between 6-12 weeks.


  • What’s your budget?
    If you are working within a tight budget, let us know as we’ll always try to work to it. There are ways to bring costs down by batching multiple items, or allowing a longer lead time.


  • How soon are you looking to start your testing?
    We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround so if you need results urgently, let us know and we’ll work with your schedule. It might be useful to think about who else might need to sign off the quote and whether your organisation is quick to raise PO numbers. Is your test item ready to ship to our laboratory?


  • Do you want your test to be a vegan test?
    All the tests conducted by XCellR8 are 100% animal-free and we don’t use animal components in our laboratory either. Some of our tests are accredited by The Vegan Society. If it’s important to you to demonstrate that the whole of your supply chain meets vegan criteria, please let us know.